A Men Pure Wood

a Men Pure Wood THE NEW LIMITED EDITION FRAGRANCE from Theirry mugler.

A Men Pure Wood.

A Men Pure Wood Eau De Toilette offers high notes of rustic oak and seductive coffee, using the purest of its form. The sweet, pleasurable scent of vanilla runs throughout the fragrance, patchouli unleashes a delicate burst of mint while the light spicy scent of cypress offers a refreshing masculine scent.

Now personally, the A Men Pure Wood doesn’t have that ‘pure’ feel on the skin, like with other fragrances you can instantly smell that liveliness of the natural fragrance oils, but with this I feel its somewhat artificial and rushed. The longevity of the scent seems to only last for a short while on the skin, then again fragrances can smell and last completely different on individuals.

I don’t dislike the fragrance but its a fragrance I wouldn’t personally choose, I can think of many people who would truly enjoy the smell of the product but unfortunately it just doesn’t hit the spot with me.

A Men Pure Wood by Thierry Mugler is now available at John Lewis pricing at £48.00 for a 100ml size.