BB Cream Men: MMUK MAN Age Defence Tinted Blemish Balm (And A Little Talk About Success With MMUK Founder Alexander Dalley)


MMUK MAN BB Cream Men Age Defence. 50ml. £35.00.

MMUK MAN BB Cream Men Age Defence. 50ml. £35.00.

BB Cream Men products were almost unheard of on the high streets, in fact, I never saw a single tinted moisturiser for men on a shelf in a single Boots store. There is, and still will be a market for men’s makeup.

Remember the BB Craze that became global? Every brand was jumping on the BB Bandwagon. BB Creams for men haven’t ‘really’ been in the spotlight and from my knowledge and background, bb creams were mainly focused for Women. If marketing for Blemish balms were focused on men’s skin too, I’m sure sales would have doubled.

Let’s not erase the blemish balm just yet, although we had the introduction of colour correcting creams that had little success followed by a daily defence cream which was no more than a bog standard moisturiser with sun protection. Let’s not even discuss the letter E!

Originally created by a German Dermatologist to help cover and treat post-surgery scarring for her patients.  Blemish Balms or BB creams for short are designed to hide the appearance of pimples and light scarring thanks to the products medium coverage.

When applying the product, a little goes a long way, try not to get carried away, remember less is more. The colour was a touch warmer than what I would normally apply but as we’re in the Summer months, the shade was just right.

The texture is weightless and sits comfortably on top of skin without enlarging the appearance of imperfections like pores, blemishes and facial scars. Just think of it as your skin but better!

I did notice my skin had a noticeable sheen throughout the day that made skin look healthy and youthful. I found buffing the cream with a foundation brush gave me a natural, perfected appearance. If you have dry patches, my advice would be to lightly brush over that area so you don’t end up looking like a patchy mess. If matte is what you desire then this product isn’t for you.

Big things are happening to Alexander Dalley, founder of MMUK MAN. Born in 2011 with only 8 products, Alex now has over 40 stable grooming products, curated and perfected just for men. Due to the success of his business, Alex successfully launched and landed at ASOS last week. In a few weeks time, Alex and his team are flying to America to discuss an exciting deal with a top luxury boutique chain from New York City.

With a choice of three sophisticated tints that offer a comfortable wearable finish from morning to-night. The MMUK MAN bb cream men truly matches your skin tone without making it obvious to the public eye. No wonder it took Alex a whole year to perfect the product!

I wanted to ask Alex on how it felt for his business to grow into a success?

“The growth of the business was at first overwhelming and sometimes emotional.  Late nights packing orders, staying up until 4 am some nights, that’s how crazy it got. At first, we set the business up to help a small number of men comfortably buy makeup and if I earned enough money from it to not have to work and concentrate on making makeup acceptable in the society that’s all that mattered.”

“Then, of course, it evolved pretty rapidly and we had to turn our business heads on a bit to give the brand the best chance of success and to make a real movement in the world of male beauty – which we’re still doing.”

The Success Of Launching Into ASOS. How Did It Feel? 

“The ASOS launch was a huge coup for us and more of a relief really as it proved that our five years of hard work was creating something far bigger than just one or two men.”

“We just feel incredibly honoured and humbled to be in this position and will fight for every man to buy makeup whether it be from our brand or from another, it doesn’t really matter.”

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