Blanc de la Mer Brightening Facial

Brighten up January with the Blanc de la Mer Brightening Facial – A sublime youthful face mask that treats the dullest of skins while treating dark spots and discolouration in one single application.

Of course this potent mask contains the legendary *Miracle Broth* along with the equivalent of one bottle of the powerful CDLM Brightening Essence. The Infusion Primer which is specially made for this silk-like mask is applied before the mask; soothes troubled-skin instantly while preparing the skin for the ultimate treatment.

This 2-target mask (upper-zone and lower-zone) was easier to apply than I originally expected. CDLM recommends to leave the mask on for around 8 minutes. Personally I felt that was way too quick to remove such product, especially from CDLM. So there I was, laid in bed with this mask on while watching a classic Scooby Doo episode on my iPhone. The one where they are haunted by a medicine man and a strange flying ghost bull. As soon as Scooby ended I rushed to the bathroom mirror to remove the mask, this was 25 minutes later, oops!

Anyway, I was quite disappointed with the results – my skin was quenched with deep hydration afterwards but the product just didn’t live up to its description. Maybe because I only had 1 application as you would normally receive a special-pack of 6 for £190

For hydration I normally use Origins Drink Up Mask which I adore but this doesn’t compare to the Brightening Mask.

The Brightening Facial is available to buy at John Lewis