Get Festive This Christmas With MMUK Man: 6 Perfect Stocking Fillers For The Men In Your Life

Get Festive This Christmas With MMUK Man: 6 Perfect Stocking Fillers For The Men In Your Life.

Get Festive This Christmas With MMUK Man: 6 Perfect Stocking Fillers For The Men In Your Life.

Men are constantly on the go; at work, home DIY and everything in between. Wouldn’t it be nice to feel pampered like a true prince this Christmas with a bunch of festive gifts from your loved ones.

Take a step back from work life and enjoy some important family time this Christmas and appreciate each other’s company that we can all take for granted. Christmas shouldn’t be prioritized on buying random gifts at high street retailers, especially for us gents, not all of us want a good ole’ Lynx set every year. Independent online stores have a larger variety of selected gifts, stocking filler and unseen grooming kits you won’t find at your nearest Boots or fancy department store.

Looking after your appearance is important, especially in this day and age, a well organised grooming routine is the way forward in today’s society. Men are more concerned and focused on self-appearance, feeling and looking confident is the key to attraction.

Starting with the very best; MMUK MAN created and perfected 6 bespoke Christmas Makeup Kits for the fine, fabulous gentleman that loves to ocean dive into the makeup realm. From weekend essentials to final must-haves, Alex has your back with his beautifully put men’s makeup kits this Christmas. Better me quick! I can’t image these kits being in stock for long.

Stop living in a jungle and control those wild hairs with a dose of control from Billy Jealousy at this festive season. This leave-in conditioner has a blend of aloe, jojoba and moisturising agents to soften those naughty stray facial hairs. Those who like to grow a full on beard all year round will appreciate the products quality and effectiveness. £17.00. Speaking of Billy Jealousy, check out my last blogpost on three grooming essentials that I’m currently hooked on!

The run up to Christmas can take a toll on the way we look and feel, learn to unwind and forget about busy work schedules and start looking after number one (that means you). Look instantly refreshed and awake with Molton Brown cool and collective eye balm; bai ji extract brightens and energise, oceanic  algae corrects dark circles. The added stainless-steel rollerball allows you to have full control of the application whilst restoring the appearance of fatigue and puffiness. Prepare to be amazed with this one. £24.00

Christmas isn’t the same without a surprise stocking filler, let’s be honest, those miniature presents hidden inside are what reminds us of our childhood at Christmas. No matter at what age, a stocking filler will always have a place inside the hearts of many people.

Like to stand out from you crowd? This exceptional brow defining eye pencil provides texture and definition, with the perfect amount of small strokes, you can do the desired natural look. Beat those patchy brows by mimicking your natural hairs using dash-like strokes in upward motions paying special attention to sparse areas. £14.00.

Eyeshadow isn’t just for women, men can pull off a modern smokey rock look that will lure much attention to the eye area and facial features. Start off by priming the eyelids with the MMUK camera-ready face primer in a gentle patting motion, then apply MMUK matte eyeshadow in dark brown using a small blending brush in little circles starting from the outer corner. For an intense smokey rock look, apply eyeshadow beneath lower lash line. £15.50

Christmas isn’t the same without lighting a festive-feeling candle. Warm, earthy and captivating, this mature single wick candle from Molton Brown is perfect to light up during the festive season. The pleasurable, cultured notes from tobacco leaves, nutmeg, bergamot and Peruvian balsam brings a sense of true South America; perfect for the modern globetrotter. £39.00.