Crystal Clear Lift Away the Years Review

Crystal cLEAR LIFT AWAY tHE YEARS promises to give users A YOUNGER LOOKING, MORE FIRMER TONED SKIN. But does it work? 

Crystal Clear Lift Away the Years.

A device that has been specially created to lift, tone and simulate the skin. Crystal Clear Lift Away the Years works by simulating the muscles by vibrations from the device resulting in a more younger looking less-wrinkled you. This effect isn’t all down to the magic device alone, Crystal Clear Skin care wanted to go that extra step forward by introducing an intensifying Anti-Ageing Serum to accommodate the Lift Away The Years device.

This powerful peptide-packed serum restores and repairs dry damaged skin – you can apply this serum alone or with the Lift Away the Years wand. From experience, I would only use the serum with the device because of how little of the product you actually need if partnering with the device. Plus  performance and end results from using the two together would obviously outshine if you were using one out of the two – this serum was purely created for the device.

What makes the serum so intensifying?

So this serum contains some quite fascinating hi-tech ingredients! Matrixyl 3000 contains two peptides that work hard together to repair any sign of damage on the skin whilst helping to rebuild the dermal matrix. Bio Peptide CL simulates collagen production, powerful Oxygen Complex regenerates and revitalises cell metabolism, Sy-nake: an incredible ingredient that mimics a peptide found in a Temple Viper (thats right! An actual snake) the effects of this ingredient smooths out wrinkles and expression lines, short-term. Camelia Vegetal Oil moisturises while Argan Vegetal Oil prevents premature ageing.

Is it just me but with all those promising ingredients Crystal Clear Lift Away the Years sounds like it can really pack-a-punch (minus the black eye!). You can enjoy the comforts of your own home whilst having a mini-facial, I can’t imagine anyone not finding the device easy to use – proper picture instructions are included. Lift Away the Years Wand elegantly rolls across the skin without causing any pain or pressure, I could instantly feel and see a ‘lifted’ effect, this device is my new addiction! Natural occurrence of redness may develop on the skin for a few minutes due to the simulation of  blood flow rising to the epidermis when using Lift Away the Years.

In a recent study with 30 women, consumers reported a 27% reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and a 45% increase in skin firmness.

Why not add Lift Away the Years to your daily moisturising routine and discover achievable benefits from using this simple wand twice a day – Crystal Clear Lift Away the Years is available to buy directly here