Elemis 4 Piece Men’s Face & Body Essentials


This Elemis four-piece Face & Body Essentials is the ideal kit for your man this Christmas. This smashing collection is equipped with high-powered, high-performance skincare. This superb four-piece set includes; the popular Deep Cleanse Facial Wash; the famous Ice-Cool Foaming Shave Gel; Revitalise Me Shower Gel and the Daily Moisture Boost which is a favourite with the men. Anyway, starting off with the Revitalise-Me Shower Gel, I absolute love the smell, uplifting and earthy. Thyme, basil and neroli work really well together in this posh shower gel. You will instantly feel awake once you give yourself a good lather in this! The only downfall is the packaging. I wish Elemis would start using pump-action dispenser bottles, it’s just so much easier then messing around un-screwing and lid back and forth. An ideal product to use after a sweaty workout!!

I do love a good deep cleanse! The Elemis Deep Cleanse Facial Wash is slightly overpowering scent-wise and should be used with caution, just don’t be a fool like me and somehow manage to get it up your nostrils, you will feel pain! This is actually the only gel-based cleanser that doesn’t make my face feel stone dry. The active-ingredients bond quite nicely together and leave my skin super fresh!

I rarely wet-shave, and if I do I’m always cautious on how my skin reacts afterwards, it’s usually very irritated and sensitive. So, I’ve been desperately wanting my OH to try the Ice Cool Foaming Gel. So the other week I begged and begged for him to try out this shaving gel. So there I was standing right behind him while he was having a shave giving him the whole ’20 Question’ asking ‘how does it feel?’ ‘what does it smell like? ‘How are you finding the texture? basically hassling him and all I got was ‘yeah! It’s good’. That’s a typical man for you! What he did notice and say was how well the razor slides over the skin, without causing any irritation unlike his other products. He also stated that he achieved a greater close-shave too!

The Daily Moisture Boost is a pleasant light moisturiser, almost un-fragranced so perfect to use after just having a shave. Loaded Magazine highly praised the product in January 2007. A blend of citrus oils combats problem areas; plant-based natamilks of Chestnut & Bamboo restores the vital nutrients stripped away after shaving. I particularly found this a real treat after electric-shaving; the consistency was just right for my skin type, leaving no film or greasiness.

Give your skin a fresh new start this January with Elemis. You can purchase yours exclusively only at QVC