ESPA For Men

Over the past 2-3 weeks I’ve been testing the men’s Age Rebel Range from ESPA. The ‘Age Rebel’ Range is designed to ease the visible signs of ageing that will help firm, restructure, even skin tone, reduce lines and wrinkles and treat dark circles around the eyes. The Age Rebel range consist of a moisturiser (35ml) and a eye hydrator (25ml). I must say the packaging is incredibly beautiful which will most definitely make your bathroom give that ‘spa feel’ to it.

The moisturiser has this distinctive scent, quite spicy in fact, which at first I was worried if I was going to get use to scent, thankfully I did and as the days went past I kinda fell in love with it, while feeling completely different on my skin than any other moisturiser I’ve used before, it brought my skin back to life while giving my skin that smooth, supple finish that people crave, the eye hydrator felt refreshing and revitalise the skin under my eyes. I must point out that you only need a small amount of product use from both products, the size of 20p should be enough for the entire face, while the size of a 5p for the eye area should be plenty.

The Hydrator (35ml) gave my skin more of a thirst relief while supporting my combinations skin moisture levels. I found the ‘Age Rebel Moisturiser and ‘The Hydrator’ pretty similar expect this one felt slightly more lightweight on the skin. If your the type of guy that isn’t too concerned about ageing but suffers from the odd dry patch, irritated skin after shaving or wanting a moisturiser to cover the crucial areas then ‘The Hydrator’ is definitely for you.

The Age Rebel Range is peptide-packed with micro algae, Sea fennel and Chitin help to sweep away those pesky dead cells and protect against environmental damage. Velvet Horn, Golden seaweed and Black Oat bind in hold moisture into the skin and acai increases vitality. While the ‘The Hydrator’ covers the main areas such as protecting, hydrating, nourishing the skin. This moisturiser is a perfect starting point for any man who is looking into purchasing a moisturiser for the first time.

Consider these powerful trios on your wish list as they will keep skin at ease and mind worry-free from premature ageing.

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