Face Masks That ACTUALLY Work!

MR. WHARFF SHARES HIS FAVOURITE FACE MASKS THAT ACTUALLY WORK! Whenever you’re after a spot-killer, rehydration or a youthful radiance booster I have it covered from head-to-toe.

Face masks that ACTUALLY work!

So you’re looking for a decent face mask or face masks? Well, you have come to the right place here at Mr. Wharff. As we all know face masks come in all different shapes, smells and sizes and I have been lucky enough to have tested quite a few to give you my recommendation on which actually do their job, properly. Masks also give you that relaxed pampering-feel which we all need from time-to-time and especially if you’re in a nice, hot bubbly bath!


So, starting off! Proactiv 6% Sulphur Refining Mask. I did a review of this in August which you can read here. I’m still loving the effects it has on my problematic skin. This clay-based mask is a definite spot-killer, because of its high dosage of sulphur, those active zits don’t stand a chance at surviving on the skin. If you have very oily to combination skin then this mask will work in perfect harmony. You can even leave it as an overnight spot treatment!

Moving on! The ultimate purifier; Clarins Truly Matte Pure & Radiant Mask. A while ago I did a review on their Pore Minimising Serum which is actually also from their Truly Matte range, again, you can read my review here. I still cannot get over at how beautifully, refreshingly scented the range is, this potent but gentle mask de-clogs, brightens and refines pores in one, how very impressive! Pink clay; deeply-detoxifies while Tanaka powder keeps that unwanted shine at bay. What I love so much about this is that it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin like some facial masks, it just sits so delicately on the skin you can easily forget you have a mask on, Linden extract and nourishing palm and coconut oils restores skins moisture. As I’m typing now all I want to do is smoother my face with this luscious gorgeously smelling mask… back in five! runs to the bathroom and applies

Splash on that moisture with Clarins HydraQuench Cream-Mask! Rich, creamy and intensively hydrating – as this light-weight, white cream instantly melts into the surface, skin immediately feels pampered and nourished – I particularly like to use this when my skin has just recovered from a terrific break-out as it instantly replenishes loss moisture into the skin while calming facial redness. What wowed me the most with the mask is how fast my skin soaked up the cream, in a matter of minutes, no traces of the cream was visible to the eye and I could see my skin had restored its freshness and radiance. Winter is only around the corner so keep this little gem in mind  when skin is feel thirsty. 

What makes this mask so hydrating? Katafray bark extract; a tree that originates from Madagascar, usually found in a dry forest, this particular ingredient works with the skins own lipids to maintain constant moisture, all day. Hyaluronic acid; I’ve banged on about this ingredient before, Jane from British Beauty Blogger is a MASSIVE FAN of the ingredient, this is one serious skin care staple, skin absolutely loves and craves it, hyaluronic is responsible for giving our skin that talked about plumping-effect!

and finally! Peel and reveal radiant skin with Kadalys Peeling Exfoliant. Being the first ever cosmetic brand to use yellow and green banana extract, banana is something you don’t normally see in a skin care product so I was super-duper excited to get home and slather on the product, you can read my full-length review of the product here. Interestingly, you can apply this mask in two different ways, 1. as a quick fix exfoliant, or 2. a highly effective cell-renewal mask. That crazy banana extract must be doing its job as I’m always left with the most softness, glowing looking skin.

These face masks that ACTUALLY work are available to buy:

Proactiv 6% sulfer refining mask: http://bit.ly/1DqTOEW

Clarins Truly Matte Pure & Radiant Mask: http://bit.ly/1uPOiI0

Clarins HydraQuench Cream-Mask: http://bit.ly/1usT7o9

Kadalys Musaclean Peeling Exfoliant: http://bit.ly/1wWtNf3