Goldfaden MD Doctors Scrub Review

Goldfaden MD Doctors Scrub “better than a diamond in the rough”.

GoldFaden MD Doctors Scrub.

Goldfaden MD is a brand that catches my eye and that doesn’t happen often (!) – there was something different and unique about the products that lured me into the company. Now if you’re a fan of face scrubs/exfoliators (like me!) then get ready to meet your new best friend!

When I kindly got sent their bestseller “Goldfaden MD Doctors Scrub” I was literally jumping with excitement (like a kid in a sweet shop!). While the GoldFaden MD packaging offers that clinical simple look the gold + green colours work in harmony and deliver that eye-catching effect.

Just to pre-warn you.. the Goldfaden MD Doctors Scrub isn’t anything like to the usual drugstore scrubs! Be prepared for the softest, most velvety ever skin! Unfortunately I wouldn’t recommend sensitive skin users to give this intensive scrub a whirl on their delicate skins.

The founders ultimate goal Dr Gary Goldfaden M.D. is to “let people have a relatively simple skin care regimen that is both preventative and restorative”. Do you agree? I sure do!

Why is Goldfaden MD different?

Goldfaden MD is the first brand to introduce physicians strength formula with true results whilst having a natural approach using active plant cell extracts + botanicals. Ok, I bet you’re thinking serious stuff right? Well it is! Due to its active ingredients + physicians strength formula, only a small two pence piece is needed for the entire face.. and I mean small! What I think is great about the brand is they’re not just targeting one sex.. but both genders (yay!) more males are becoming concern with their skin and it’s brilliant that GoldFaden MD have picked up on that.

Whats so interesting about this heavy-duty scrub is that it contains real Ruby Crystals! Talk about posh skin care! These finely milled ruby crystals are mixed with its sweet-smelling creamy rough texture. Upon application, I realised why they named it “Doctors Scrub”, I could definitely feel the ruby crystals gently rolling across the skin, non of this micro bead malarkey!

Why Ruby Crystals in Goldfaden MD Doctors Scrub?

Ruby Crystals provide instant cell renewal by removing flaky dead skin cells on the surface whilst promoting luminosity on the skin.

Other ingredients include: Organic Red Tea Extract + Seaweed provides antioxidant protection, Jojoba Oil promotes skin balance + moisture, Apricot Kernel Oil is loaded with fatty acids and vitamins A + C. Grapefruit Oil detoxes + cleanses skin. In all honestly, the GoldFaden MD Doctors Scrub is going to be hard to beat, watch out brands wink.

I believe this magnificent, intensifying scrub really did make my skin the softest it has ever been (for a long time!) – I won’t be booking for a spa facial treatment anytime soon!

You can pick up your own jar of Goldfaden MD Doctors Scrub here for a whooping £65.00 at Space.NK.