Nourish Argan Skin Rescue Treatment

True to the brand’s name, this super ‘nourishing’ treatment is a REAL treat for the skin!

This little gem helps to reduce; blotches, eczema, psoriasis and injury resulting to scarring; acne, boils. The active ingredients; argan oil, bisabolol, which protects the skin from daily stresses while providing an anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and a anti-bacterial effect on the skin. This product also helps neutralise harmful free radicals. Orange peel oil and Neroli Flower Oil is also included into the mix which gives it that fresh, delicious scent!

I particularly enjoyed using this at night as I feel this was too heavy to use during the day time due to the natural oils (If you’re having a lazy, sofa day then go ahead!) This treatment instantly hydrates while giving that ‘comforting’ feel to the skin without it feeling greasy or sticky. I wouldn’t say the texture is serum-like, more oil-based (obviously!) It’s so gentle that I’ve even applied it around the eye area (now that’s saying something!)

Since being diagnosed with Seborrheic Dermatitis I haven’t really found a product which has helped the redness which you get from this condition, normally after moisturising I usually apply Clinique’s Redness Solutions Protective Base SPF15 on top but unfortunately they have discontinued this product recently so I’ve been having to apply a concealer and personally, I don’t like to wear make-up as I would prefer for my skin to breathe but since using this the redness as dramatically improved and my skin-tone as evened out.

Since using this for 2 weeks every night I haven’t needed to apply concealer to cover my redness (YAY!), so overall I’m very happy about the results I’ve been seeing and getting from using this treatment! I would definitely consider purchasing this in the near future but for now, I still have plenty of this product left (just over half) and remember with treatments a little goes a long way.

TOP TIP: Apply this on damp skin for a deeper moisturisation.

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