RADICAL skincare

RADICAL is unique, powerful, scientific; did you know that the #1 cause of ageing is radical damage? Many of us know that sunscreen is the shield of ageing skin, antioxidants also play an important role in skin care products, but, did you know that antioxidants lose their power when put into serums and creams?

Liz and Rachel, founders of RADICAL skin care and daughters of Dr. Richard F. Edlich MD.PHD, world-renowned Professor of Plastic Surgery; the two sisters wanted antioxidants at their best and kept stable when added into lotions and creams. Liz wanted the benefits and results from an anti-aging product but Rachel wanted a product that would treat her ongoing inflamed rosacea. Because of their access to science and to the researchers – RADICAL was born.

So, why is RADICAL so different?

The brand have created an exciting new hi-technology in all their super-duper skin care products called Trylacel™ Technology. It’s actually very clever and made me wonder why other brands haven’t thought of the concept, shame on you. To cut the long story short; when antioxidants are normally added into skin care products their effectiveness decreases over-time, even when un-opened. Mr. Trylacel™ jumps into the rescue and stops the antioxidants powers from decreasing full-stop!

RADICAL new hi-technology

How RADICAL Skincare works

First up! Instant Revitalising Mask; bubbly, tingly and blissful. This nutrient-rich mask activates upon application with oxygen bubbles! Green coffee; a strong antioxidant that re-activates free radicals from the skin. Sodium PCA; A powerful humectant that holds moisture while hydrating that much-needed thirsty skin. Lastly, Vitamin E. This is the perfect pre party mask for that much wanted, instant fresh complexion. I do have to admit that once I applied the mask onto the skin the oxygen bubbles popping was somewhat irritating but enjoyable.

Youth Infusion Serum; Peptide-infused, Plant-based stem cells delivers incredible hydration into the skin while repairing radical damage. Hylasome; an ingredient that is even more powerful, safe and stronger than Hyaluronic Acid! Oryza Sativa (Rice) Extract; this  superb ingredient promotes longterm skin protection, extends the longevity of old cells while improving the appearance of sun damage. Malus Domestica Fruit Cell Culture Extract; has the amazing ability to slow down chronological ageing. I love applying this product in the morning after having a terrible sleep, this magnificent serum just fixes my exhausted face, just watch all the dullness disappear.  The firmness of my skin instantly lifts and tightens.

Bubbly, tingly and blissful

RADICAL Instant Revitalising Mask

RADICAL Anti-Aging Restorative Moisture; a best seller! This blissful, clinical-proven, high performance, deliciously-smelling moisturizer offers superior anti-aging benefits. Uniprosyn; acts as a guard to protect skin from vital loss of fluids. Synovea; a safe and effective skin lightener while having fantastic anti-bacterial and skin protecting properties. Pentaglycan; leaves the feeling delightfully soft and smooth. After a good 2 weeks of use by skin look brighter and radiant. The discolouration from recent acne breakouts vanished and pores became less apparent.

A RADICAL best seller!

RADICAL Anti-Aging Restorative Moisture Creme + Peptide Infused Antioxidant Serum

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