Vaishaly Skin Care

  Superfacialist Vaishaly as always believed that “Less is more” and “You don’t need a lot of different products to achieve beautiful skin.”

Vaishaly is known for her ‘magic hands’ and ‘signature facial’ at her clinic on 44 Paddington Street, London. Being in the skin care and beauty field for over 20 years and carefully hand-picked her therapists, you will for sure be in safe, good hands.

Vaishaly decided to create her own signature skin care line and truly wanted her clients to have the same exact benefits via Vaishaly Clinic but at home. Vaishaly wanted only natural ingredients in her skin care line as Vaishaly wanted to fully avoid certain harmful ingredients so the skin was able to naturally breathe.

I’ve noticed a few natural holistic beauty bloggers have highly praised the brand so I was interested to try a more natural brand. Luckily, I was offered to try out some products from Vaishaly and I was delighted when a gorgeous baby blue ribboned box arrived the next day on my door step!

Cleansing Balm; In all honestly, I’m surprised they classed it as a ‘balm’ because personally if felt more like oil, anyway this should definitely be on your Christmas list as your skin will for sure thank you after your first ever cleanse with this; essentials lavender, geranium, chamomile rose absolute and ylang ylang oils while the base oils of the cleansing balm sweet almond oil and olive oil deeply moisturise as they throughly cleanse the skin. An Exclusive Complex of arnica, ginkgo and calendula soothe dry, red itchy skin while my favourite ingredient in this baby arctic oat seed lipid stops that ‘tight-feeling’ after cleansing. Vitamin C is added to protect from free radical damage. This cleansing balm made my skin incredibly soft and radiant while reducing redness. This cleansing balm actually became #NO1 in the best 50 beauty products by the Independent. 

Facial Wash; I’ve particularly been using these to cleanse my face after a  hard work out at the gym, I’ve found the scent refreshing and uplifting in the showers without leaving my skin bone-dry. Purifying and anti-bacterial; lime, lemon/lemon myrtle and peppermint help clear away dirt build-up and excess oils (even make-up) from a oily slick face. Perfect for oily/combination skin what craves that wanted ‘freshness’ feel.

Night Creams aren’t always super thick as Vaishaly has created a night cream suitable for all skin types. This cream instantly sinks into thirsty skin without the feeling of heaviness. Complimenting the cleansing balm with the same oils used. Vaishaly added Macadamia and soybean oil to support and strengthen the skin. As promised, this light-weight cream left no greasiness or shine once applied.

My skin certainly benefited using Vaishaly as I noticed a dramatic decrease in blemishes and dryness. Overall, a fantastic brand and skin care line you must definitely try out for yourself. Discover Vaishaly here