BedHead B For Men Clean-Up Peppermint Conditioner

It’s unusual for me to review a hair-care product, personally not the most exciting of products to talk about but as I don’t really use hair treatments/serums and masks for that matter! (shame on you Mr. Wharff!) well, today I’m gonna talk about a Peppermint Conditioner from Bed Head B For Men.

Now, how boring this conditioner sounds I can assure you it doesn’t feel boring! Once applied to wet hair after shampooing you will feel like your head is about to erupt! Imagine having strong (and I mean STRONG!) mouthwash, (Listerine comes to mind) in your mouth but instead on your scalp, yes! that kind of feeling but oddly I loved it!

Anyway moving on to the actual review (getting carried away as usual) this is fantasic product for guys with greasy/oily hair, with added Ginseng Root Extract, natural Peppermint deeply cleanses the scalp while Pathenol, Silk & Wheat Proteins strengthen, soften and repair damaged hair leaving us guys cleaned-up and ready to style (if you can me bothered to style that is, unlike me!). 

Unfortunately I found the conditioner too strong to use on a day-to-day basis so I only used it as a weekly treat!

Males, are you looking into buying a conditioner? Like the smell fresh basil mint? Well, this is the one to go for! The Bed Head B for Men is available to buy at