I Went Under The Knife! When My Only Dream Became A Reality: I Get Personal And Open Up About My Recent Tummy Tuck (Apronectomy) Cosmetic Procedure

We’re talking tummy tuck surgery, why I now feel like a normal human being, staying strong throughout my surgery and how life is now different.

When My Only Dream Became A Reality: I Get Personal And Open Up About My Recent Tummy Tuck (Apronectomy) Cosmetic Procedure (Yes I Went Under The Knife).

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I would never have thought in a million years my dream came to a reality, especially this soon. It’s been one hell of a rollercoaster ride.

I was given high hopes of an operation by the NHS. Several (and stressful) appointments with the nurse, going backwards and forwards where the point my sister had to come along and insisted the nurse to forward my consideration of surgery. Why should us humans have to beg?

Photos were taken to provide evidence only to be turned down by the board, like really, proofs in the pudding. Why did you turn me down but you were willing to spend x amount of money on pictures taken, endless appointments and the waste of paper letters (and ink).

My family offered to pay for my tummy tuck surgery but I refused, I didn’t want them to go through all the hassle and having a big sum of money on their heads, it just wouldn’t be fair. What would happen if there were complications, and if my surgery went wrong, would extra costs would have been involved?

I went alone, it’s my issue, No one else’s. Don’t get me wrong, the support from my family has been incredible, I’m lucky to have a supportive family who understands why I went through a major operation, after all, as the saying goes “Family is like music, some high, some low notes but always a beautiful song”.

Confidence over vanity. Although a tummy tuck is classed as a ‘cosmetic procedure’ I didn’t choose to have my abdominal sliced open for vanity, that was never my intention, nor should it be for anyone else. In fact, the NHS classed it as “vanity”, that’s why I was turned down, pathetic.

I didn’t feel like a 20 year old, who wants loose skin at that age (even at any age). I’d admit, I’m to blame for the unhealthy foods I ate as a teenager, weighing just under 19st and not having a care in the world. Being bullied at school because I was different to others, why should we have to put on a mask to please others and become something fake? 

When you’ve known in your heart for so long and the only thing in life you have ever wanted, it never crossed my mind that what was about to happen turned into reality and not a dream.

I woke up from surgery in recovery, soon after I was taken back to my room. ‘It’s all done’ I said to myself, I was in shock, shocked that it actually happened to the point where I was speechless, emotional but happy.

Sitting up in bed for the first few times was daunting, and painful. My surgeon advised me to get up and start walking, and that’s what I did.

Spire Hospital certainly treated me like a prince, my room was spotless, you would really have to look deep and hard for a spec of dust. I could easily connect with the staff as if they were good friends, they treated me with respect and dignity. You knew they loved working for Spire.

The food was flavoursome and deliciously good enough to be served at a top end hotel. The Cheese & Potato Pie served on a bed of fresh vegetables was definitely a winner for me. Even the coffee was ‘proper’ coffee. You couldn’t really ask for a better place to recover from major surgery.

I was in hospital for two days and came out on Sunday. Although I felt rather comfortable in my hotel-like room, nothing beats the comforts of your very own bed (lets be honest!).

It was Day 3 post op and I was walking into my local Costa. I didn’t want to stay at home bed bound, feeling useless. We all know in ourselves how far to push the button, that’s what I did. We have to take chances in life to succeed, pushing yourself out the comfort zone is possibly the best decision you can ever make.

I didn’t pay for the surgery myself, an amazing charity based in Lincolnshire offered to pay (based on reaching the criteria). I’m going, to be honest with you, not in a million years would I expect a charity to pay for my surgery. Not everyone gets a chance in a lifetime to have surgery paid for, as they say, “good things happen to those that wait”.

For any type of operation, small or major, you have to be mentally ready, strong and expect the unexpected.

It feels amazing to have a flat stomach. I’m now able to wear clothes with confidence and pride. The long term scarring doesn’t affect me in the slightest, I’ve now got that for life, that’s part of the package.

From personal experience, they treated me like royalty, honestly, I couldn’t ask for better service and care. If you’re thinking about having surgery, who and where to trust, visit Spire Healthcare

I would like to specially thank Chris Degnan, Katie Robertson and Dr. Sanjay Varma. Without them, my dream would never become a reality. My loving, supportive family who have been by my side since day one of surgery.