DrGL ® Supplement Glow Review

DrGL ® Supplement Glow: not your normal day to day multivitamin.

DrGL ® Supplement Glow Review.

DrGL ® Supplement Glow Review.


DrGL ® Supplement Glow Review: It’s not often for me to review a skin supplement, I guess it has never crossed my mind with being busy testing x amount lotions and potions. We can sometimes neglect the vital nutrition our body needs inside,  being overly focused on topical skin treatments like essences and serums. Supplements can come and go depending on the success, with supplement brands like Imedeem and Viviscal taking the drugstore lead, skin care brands are now starting to produce their own take on a supplement range. I’m now starting to wonder whether a skin care brand with extensive background research in ingredients can create a supplement range better? I think I’ve found that very one.

DrGL ® Skin Supplement Glow.

The lady behind best-selling Restore Gel Mask and Collagen Essence, Dr. Georgia Lee has recently ventured into the supplement arena and created DrGL Skin Supplement Glow: with being months delayed and having 6 artwork revisions Georgia wanted the supplements to reach a standard that she was happy with – even if it was throwing away 20,000 capsules.

The highest quality ingredients ever known to man.

After being told that an “A” Grade raw ingredient was “good enough”, Dr. Georgia Lee insisted on having every raw ingredient in the supplement to be the quality of an “AAA” Grade. Did you know that most  supplement brands use “A” Grade because the ingredients are cheaper to buy, and more viable for use. With using “AAA” Grade raw ingredients, you’re getting the highest quality and best results from each every supplement.

DrGL Supplement Glow Review.

DrGL Supplement Glow Review.

Whats inside the DrGL ® Supplement Glow?

With a concoction of the highest ever possible quality ingredients that promote healthy, clear glowing skin

Starting with Thiamine Mononitrate: This B1 vitamin provides optimal health and support for the skin, eyes, hair and nervous system making it a very important vitamin to take daily. Riboflavin: essentially Vitamin B2, this B vitamin promotes energy production whilst shielding the body from antioxidant damage. Start eating your greens people! Niacin amide: A crucial vitamin that can provide a whole range of positives to our body.

Vitamin B3 has the ability to improve skin’s elasticity and barrier function whilst promoting a radiant, healthy complexion. If you suffer from regular breakouts then be prepared to make best friends with Niacinamide. Pantothenic Acid: Like other B vitamin complexes, Vitamin B5 helps turn food into energy, turning carbohydrates into glucose. Pyridoxine: also known as Vitamin B6. This B vitamin supports the proper functioning of the nervous system. If your prone to breakouts then fear not, vitamin B9 works by deep cleansing the skin, removing unwanted bacteria that can lead to blemishes. Also inside DrGL Supplement Glow is Biotin that helps to promote the growth and strengthening of hair and nails. Biotin has also been helpful for treating common skin rashes too. Finally from the B vitamin range we have Vitamin B12 that promotes skin repair and making sure skin is looking its best.

Moving on to the all important vitamin C that is vital for our body to produce new collagen. Ergocalciferol (vitamin D2) plays the role on preventing premature skin ageing and skin structural damage. D-Alpha Tocopherol Succinate (vitamin E) helps to block the skin from free radicals that leads to skin ageing.

DrGL Supplement Glow Review.

DrGL Supplement Glow Review.

Minerals in skin supplements

Having the required amount of copper in our bodies is vital. Our body needs to absorb copper to correctly use iron. Copper is also an excellent wound-healing ingredient. The wonders of Selenium: normally obtained and found in wholesome foods such as grain foods, meat and nuts. Selenium is the building block of proteins, meaning its important to regularly take Selenium daily for optimal human nutrition. Zinc is also an important ingredient our body needs to function properly, this high performance mineral is a superb skin healer too. Because DrGL skin care uses zinc ‘picolinate’ acid our body is able to easily absorb then any other forms of zinc, making it super effective.

Phytofloral® Marigold Tomato Extract

If ultraviolet light damage is your skin concern then the Carotenoid Complex Blend in DrGL Supplement Glow will protect the skin at some degree, stored under in fat under the skin, carotenoids can help you to achieve that dream golden glow whilst helping you to achieve that perfect uniformed skin colour look. Tomatoes aren’t born we their bright, flesh red colour, thats the cartenoids doing its work. The true magic of this ingredient is that it has the amazing ability to boost other active ingredients in the supplement.

In each supplement glow box contains 60 capsules, enclosed in a set of 6 foil wrappers, DrGL recommends taking two capsules daily for optimal result. Because all the ingredients inside each and every capsule is AAA grade, this allows the body to process and absorb each single ingredient more rapidly into the system meaning a quicker, better result. Do I think its worth the $128.00 price tag? Yes! There’s something unique about these supplements, I can’t think what, but they just work so well without the unwanted side effects, honestly, my overall skins appearance became uniformed, dewy and congestion-free, I’d be happy to pay the $128.00 dollars. The DrGL ® Supplement Glow is available here.