Maxi Nutrition Prolean Overview + Q & A Time


Maxi Nutrition Promax Lean Powder Review.


If you’re a newbie to fitness then a great brand to introduce your body to is Maxi Nutrition formally known as Maxi Muscle. Maxi Nutrition is the UK’s & Europe’s #1 protein and is widely known around the globe for their high-performance, no-nonsense protein shakes, with 3 great tasting flavours Strawberry, Chocolate, and my favourite! Banana. With science-proven formulations that delivers the best possible nutrition intake that your body craves after an intense session at the gym.


With energy releasing b-vitamins and a nice dose of caffeine (80mg) you can be sure you’re going to feel at peak during your workout, and when those last few reps become a struggle, Maxi Nutrition Promax Lean will help to get you through those very reps that always seem to be the hardest.

The banana flavour itself is surprisingly ‘banana-like’ without the artificial element that can sometimes taste horribly sweet. I like to mix soya milk as that adds the most amazing creamy texture making it more ‘treat-like’ without the feeling of naughtiness. Each 45g serving contains a whopping 30g of triple-release protein that provides vital amino acids into the body, allowing muscles to regrow stronger, for the better.

Other ingredients included such as L-Carnitine that enhances workout performance endurance, reducing the likelihood of fatigue during your session. Vitamin B1,B2,B3,B5,B6 & B12 help provide a slow release of energy, keeping your mind focused throughout your workout. When good old caffeine kicks in you’ll sure know about it. 80mg of pure caffeine increases concentration throughout your workout, making you work harder through every rep.

Q&A With sports nutritionist for maxi nutritionist gareth nicholas.

I was lucky to ask Gareth from Maxi Nutrition some questions I felt would benefit a person wanting to go the lean way in the muscle world, these top questions are ideal for new and current gym goers who are wanting to reach their goals successfully.

Are pre-workout supplements essential?

Pre-workout supplements are by no means essential but they can certainly be beneficial. Making the most out of every workout will go a long way in reaching your goal, and pre-workout supplements can help to ensure that the mind and body are ready for the workout to come. Pre-workout supplements should be used on an individual basis, based on the diet, training regime and goal, they might not be suited for everyone but could be the golden ticket for some.

When planning ahead of how to refuel after a workout, I’d recommend using Maxi Nutrition Promax Lean which gives muscles the right amount of protein to support the maintenance of lean muscle.  As a general rule, on the days you train you should consume 1 serving after training, plus another mid-morning or mid-afternoon, and on the days you don’t train, reduce this to 1 serving mid-morning or 1 serving mid-afternoon. See attached Lean meal plan as a guideline.

2.      What foods are important to eat when going lean?

To a certain extent it’s more about avoiding certain foods to help you get lean than it is about must have foods, but a general guide would be to ensure that you have a diet that creates a calorie restriction whilst providing enough fuel to exercise and recover.
This diet should be balanced with carbohydrate, protein and fat with the required levels of vitamins and minerals. In particular, I would advised that you are consuming a slightly higher protein content (Promax Lean has 30g of protein per serving) than the recommended reference intake, consuming at least 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. Keep the saturated fat and sugar down and taking on a grazing approach, eating 5-6 meals throughout the day.

3.      What are macro nutrients?

We group the major food groups of carbohydrate, protein and fat into macronutrients and group the smaller vitamins and minerals into micronutrients.

4.      Do we really need to spend money on a Personal Trainer? Or just YouTube videos?

How you train, like your nutrition approach, should be reflective of you and not based on others. People will certainly get results with and without a personal trainer but for some, having the knowledge, experience, and guidance that a personal trainer can provide, can be the difference in achieving your goal. One thing is for sure that you can’t hide or shirk a session if a personal trainer is there pushing you on. If you are new to exercise I would certainly advise talking to a gym instructor and/or personal trainer to ensure that your technique and plan is safe and effective rather than putting you on the road to injury or failure.

5.      I’m at a standstill and have stopped progressing—what advice would you give me to continue progressing becoming the best I can be?

Reaching a training plateau is common, this is where changes need to be made, changes to your plan and exercise training. This can be a great time to bring in the expertise of a personal trainer, to change things up and give some more ideas and variability. If you don’t already, set some goals, a bigger main goal, and then lots of smaller goals, to keep you focused along the way.