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Vitamins are everywhere, in fruits, vegetables, meats and drinks but sometimes the percentage of that vitamin isn’t always available in that product, for example; eating an orange a provides the body with a nice dose of skin-loving Vitamin C. But that dosage isn’t always enough for the body to manage the whole days worth! If you’re feeling sluggish, uncontrollably tired during the day then your bodies probably low on Vitamin C and B12.

I’ve never really been a supplement kinda guy in the past, it just never crossed my crazy mind to even think about taking a multivitamin, but if I ever was really rundown I did like to take a dose of vitamin C for at least a week just to help maintain the normal function of my immune system. There was a time in my life where my immune system was that bad, anyone with the slightest cold I would catch it within seconds, now that may have sounded a little silly but in reality this was all self-inflicted because of my ridiculous eating habits sigh

Since then, I’ve gotten quite excitable and obsessed on the whole clean eating malarkey. I tend a gym at least 3 times a week not to look at the pretty boys! on top of that I have a 1-to-1 personal fitness session once a week with such an amazing and talented guy. It’s hard work but the results do pay off!

So! The Hut kindly sent me a delightful selection of vitamins from myvitamins to review; Total Green Tea Extract, Essential Zinc & Magnesium and Total Bromelain.

Starting off with myvitamins Total Green Tea Extractproduced from the widely known Camellia sinensis plant, green tea is quite a popular and powerful antioxidant supplement to take, but everyone can experience a different effect when taking the supplements–quite like with green tea drinkers, some notice a vast difference in their general health whilst others see no difference at all.

The Super Food myvitamins Green tea extract is probably such a successful supplement seller because of its potential fat-burning results–this is potentially due to natural catechins and caffein. It’s unique bitter taste isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but taking the supplement form should be a walk in the part but taking it as a supplement is normally greater meaning better results. I use to be a big green tea drinker and back then I was quite scrawny. So maybe there is some belief in weight loss.

Next up! myvitamins Essential Zinc & Magnesium; probably two crucial minerals you need in your diet to function properly. Zinc alone is a marvellous all-rounder mineral that gets to work by healing broken/damaged skin, maintaining the normal functional immune system and treating common colds.

Good news for acne sufferers (like myself) taking zinc as a supplement can have a positive effect on those eye-catching zits. Magnesium is quite interesting– having a deficiency in this mineral could cause a few skin and health issues that includes: Psoriasis, Acne and Eczema which are the 3 most common skin conditions to date. A deficiency in Magnesium may cause health issues such as anxiety and depression, and even asthma; if you’re dealing with any of the above symptoms it’s worth purchasing these powerhouse minerals from myvitamins.

myvitamins Total Bromelain is a little bit of a dark horse, extracted from a pineapple stem, this protein extract is widely used as a anti-inflammatory from bruises and post-surgery. Body builders and fitness enthusiasts will be pleased to know that Bromelain actually helps to digest protein in the body. Just don’t expect the supplement to taste anything like a juicy, tangy pineapple, the scent of a Bromelain supplement has a slight resemblance to an actual pineapple, just don’t try to make a pina colada with it.

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