Neutrogena Body Clear Body Scrub


An ultra-gentle body scrub designed and targeted to prevent breakouts on the body sounds like a dream come true! Using micro-beads to gently lift off the dead skin while ACTIVE Salicylic Acid 2%; a common but proven ingredient cleans deep-down into the pores while clearing blemishes. Camomile Flower Extract is also added for it’s anti-inflammatory effect along with Green Tea Leaf Extract known for it’s anti-bacterial properties.

Personally, this has to be the best body exfoliation product I’ve used to date, it really does the trick at preventing those pesky blemishes rising up to the surface. Unfortunately, this isn’t available here in the UK which is a big shame as I would definitely re-purchase this once this has run out.

What I also like about it is how little you need to use it, 2-3 times a week is plenty and a little amount goes a long way! The scent of the product is light and refreshing, not over-powering., whilst the product doesn’t foam up like a foam party! This scrub turns into a cream once massaged into the skin. After rinsing-away from the skin, I was surprised at how soft my skin felt!

I asked @Cocoamourr to find me some drugstore products which she personally recommended and I’m glad that she chose this little wonder! Costing ONLY $5.99 (around £4.00)I thought this was a bargain price!

What drugstore product do you rave about? Comment below and I will try to get back to you ASAP! Looking forward hearing your answers! Mr. Wharff