NIP and Man: Let’s Sculpt This Body!

Founder Maria Hatdiztefanis introduces new NIP And MAN brand for men only. The ideal range for fitness fanatics!

An interesting range from the makers of NIP + FABNIP and MAN is an EXCLUSIVE range of skin care producnts purely designed for the man (or jock!) that hits the gym regularly. So, the main ingredient; high power LIFTONIN® – works into the skin to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Sea Minerals awakens skin revealing fresh, smoother skin. Did you know the average man takes around 40-60 minutes a day getting ready to go out?

NIP and MAN.


NIP and MAN BICEP FIX + PEC FIX; A duo that has the ability to contour, tone and soothe. I was pretty sceptical about using this after thinking how can a gel give you those result? Targeted-ingredeints unislim and laracare promises to give you that dream effect, active caffeine encourages elasticity while providing skin with a cooling-effect, the perfect cool-down product after an intense work out.


NIP and MAN MANOTOX; This plumping and firming moisturiser which has been featured in Daily Mail as the ‘£20 anti-ageing product that is just for men’. The NIP + MAN range wouldn’t look out-of-place even in the most masculine of mens bathrooms, while packaged in a very friendly heterosexual way.

The slim and slick design utilises bold dark colours with silver borders and edges to entice the eye to the product and draw the user to want to pick it up to investigate further.

Personally, I suffer from dry to combination skin and I have never managed to find a moisturiser that completely reduces all the signs of dry skin, particularly after shaving. That was up until I started using this product!

Now to be honest, if I apply the product to the face when I haven’t shaved, I find 2-3 pumps gives excellent coverage without leaving any unpleasant shine or a feeling of slick. However, if I have shaved, it takes a good 5-6 pumps to really alleviate that dry feeling and get rid of the tiny bits of dead skin that can be visible on the face after shaving. That said, my skin has always felt very hydrated for hours after applying the product, something that the main, more well-known competitors fail to do!

The size of the product in my opinion is nowhere near big enough for daily use. I have been using this for a little over 2 weeks and I have less than a third of the moisturiser left! I would suggest increasing the size by about 300% as this would provide the customer with about 4-6 weeks worth of product.

The way this moisturiser had been formulated really credits the quality of the company as there is absolutely no unwanted shine to the face or neck, and the product feels light and silky to apply, the moisturiser has a very soft fragrance, slightly sweet but not at all overpowering!

I feel the size of the product is too small and subsequently it would cause the user to incur greater costs in the long run. Overall; a quality-made product suitable for any gentleman.

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