The Outstanding Alpha-H Dermabrasion ‘Super Scrub’ That You All Need To Know About And Why I’m Obsessed With It!


The Outstanding Alpha-H Dermabrasion ‘Super Scrub’ That You All Need To Know About And Why I’m Obsessed With It!

Alpha-H Micro Cleanse Super Scrub. 100ml. £36.00.

One product I’m scared of running out is the Micro Cleanse Super Scrub by Alpha-H. Wanna know why? Keep on reading.

It has to be said, I’m sucker for anything titled ‘exfoliating’ in skin care products. The tingling, purifying effect of a product that enlivens and recharges our skin has always been little addiction of mine.

My obsession over acid-based products is the reason why my skin is left in tip-top condition (90% of the time…). The natural glow isn’t from fancy spa treatments or spa facials but proper cleansing and exfoliating using skin care with active ingredients.

From down under we have Alpha-H. A brand that I’ve always been interesting in from the early 2000’s but have never really tuck the plunge and invested into. The fame and fortune of Alpha-H is using Glycolic Acid in their skin care line, their iconic “Liquid Gold” is the main reason why this Australian born brand is known at this moment of time. I could tell you 10 people who swear by the one and only Liquid Gold from Alpha-H, it’s that renowned and irreplaceable all over the globe, no other brand has created something quite like it.

Harnessing the powers of caffeine and pure peppermint oil that delivers an instant ‘wake-up call’ to sleepy skin is something I reach for on those cold, dark mornings. The mouth-watering scent lingers as I gently massage onto skin, you really do feel an exhilarated rush. It’s fresh, creamy, texture allows you to fully enjoy the product as a whole making you truly feel like a pampered queen or prince. The combination of caffeine, peppermint oil and cucumber work in synergy, together to awaken and refresh the skin.

A little tip from me is to leave the product on skin without rinsing away allows the skin to fully benefit from the mighty 12% glycolic acid blend, you’ll be surprised on how much of an impact this small trick performs. I solely believe the secret to a clear, glowing complexion is by allowing your favourite cleanser sit on the skin for a good 3-5 minutes before removing, after all, you want to give time for those active ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin, revealing those results.

If you haven’t experienced exfoliates at a high % level then please use with caution. Alpha-H are leaders in the exfoliating world and have over two decades of user experience in the resurfacing field. I came across Alpha-H whilst watching QVC a few years ago and although a temptation of ordering within a click was available, I didn’t dive in to order the TSV special (if only you could turn back time).

What is your favourite go-to exfoliator? Are you a fan of Glycolic Acid? Have you experienced the powers of Alpha-H Skin care before? Why not give this one a try and get ready to be wowed.