Working with Peter Thomas Roth

Ok, so before I start, how was everyones Christmas? I was very lucky and received dozens of gift vouchers to spend at my favourites shops; John Lewis, House Of Frazer, TK MAXX, Odeon and Pizza Express which I have never been to before so I’m quite excited with that one. I’m desperate for new clothes so I probably won’t be buying any skin care with my vouchers so I will keep you posted on what I buy.. possibly skin care!

Right then moving on, not many of you know that before I starting blogging I was a Peter Thomas Roth Skin Ambassador; My job role was to basically spread the word about the brand. I was set challenges and tasks to complete; this included product reviewing, spreading news about upcoming product launches, meeting targets set from my manager, who was such an honour and pleasure to work with. I did this for a good 4-5 months until they decided to stop the program; this was probably because people could have been taking advantage of the free products and misusing the program, who knows!?

Moving on, if you haven’t heard of Peter Thomas Roth before in the UK then that doesn’t surprise me. PTR is a clinical skin care company from the US, Peter, the founder, searches for the best-possible, cutting-edge  ingredients that actually WORK! PTR came about when Peter suffered from chronic acne, his ambition was to find a solution for his acne and what ingredients would help combat his skin issues. Peter was the man behind the Dragon’s Blood Business until another company copied his incredible find. Peter has his own lab and facility too!

Now how I came across the brand was when I first started looking for skin care online; Mankind Male Grooming has always been the #1 spot for all my skin care needs. PTR was actually my first ever order! One particular product  stopped me from getting blemishes; the BETA HYDROXY ACID 2% ACNE WASH, with a powerful 2% Salicylic Acid being the active ingredient, my skin cleared up in no time.Other products I would highly recommend are the Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel; this product combines Salicylic Acid + Glycolic Acid together, this is a real wrinkle-busting fighter! 

The next product I heavily promoted on Uturn (Social Media Website!) was the Clinical Peel & Reveal Dermal Resurfacer; sounds impressive right? Well it sure was! The product gently peels away the dead layer of skin on top with AHA, and sweeps away dead skin cells with Pumpkin Enzyme, whilst polishing the skin Aluminium Oxide. I nearly forgot to say that it smells pumpkin-lisious!

Luckily, I found some of the old work I did…

Have you tried PTR Product before?