The History Of Pond’s

In the 1955’s, Pond’s Extract Company Ltd and Cheesbrough Manufacturing Company came together to created Pond’s. 10 Years Later; the tulip logo was born…

In 1980; Pond’s created the now classic cold cream, catered for all woman’s skin types. In 1987; Unilever acquired Pond’s. This helped the brand to develop new products and new promotions. Throughout the years, Pond’s has created a vast range of products including; a night cream, moisturisers, new, updated formulas and in the 1990’s the old packaging was scraped and a new sophisticated design was born…

The year 2000 arrived and in 2010 Pond’s once again updated their packaging, a year later Pond’s released an eye cream. The future was bright for Pond’s as Laura Whitmore; a TV presenter for ITV2 and MTV went into parthership and became Pond’s ambassador, Laura is a big fan of the classic brand!

This year, Pond’s was re-launched as Pond’s Institute. The packaging now still has that ‘classic’ look but with an modern edge, and the pink lid design gives it the statement look.

My sister is a huge fan of the Pond’s Cold Cream, at that time I had never heard of the brand which is pretty unusual for me being skincare mad and all. My sister once told me that our grandma swore by it, who unfortunately passed away, grandma adored red admiral butterflies and was such a kind-hearted, caring human being. We believe that grandma turned into a red admiral butterfly.

I decided to give the cold cream a go, I wasn’t shocked to see that mineral oil was the first ingredient on the list, as in those days mineral oil was commonly used in beauty creams. The consistency is a pleasure to use as it easily slides onto the skin making it very easy to massage into the skin. The smell is absolutely divine, it has that comforting scent if you catch my drift, light and delicate. It’s an amazing makeup remover too! My skin was left soft and moisturised. It isn’t the quickest of cleansers but you shouldn’t rushing cleansing anyway! Now the Hydro Nourishing Cream is a delight to use, very moisturising while not being overly heavy on the skin while obtaining the light and delicate scent. I prefer to use this at night cream because of the thickness but I do like to apply this in the mornings if my usual moisturiser isn’t quite cutting it, especially around my dry areas where my dermatitis appears; nose folds, upper cheek and chin area. This also makes a super primer for your make-up so you can forget using primer afterwards. Pond’s Institute have recently released a new cream call Natural Beauty Cream which is only exclusively sold in John Lewis and SuperdrugGreen Tea Extract is added into the mix which provides protection against ageing. Unfortunately, I haven’t been too keen on the scent as I personally find it a tad overpowering but that doesn’t stop me from using it, I like how it gives the skin that fresh and uplifting feel. The texture is different compared to the original, I would be happy to apply this in the summer time.

Last but not least, The Eye Contour Cream; I was excited to try this as I’m quite naughty and don’t use a specific product for my eye area, sometimes I would apply my daily moisturiser if I could be bothered. Un- perfumed; this eye cream instantly gives tired, looking eyes that much needed moisture. enriched with Vitamin E and Pro-Vitamin B5. This eye cream contains vital nutrients; Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter. The packaging is greatly designed and is the perfect size to take on your travels being only 15ml. The mini jar version of this has actually been discontinued so keep your eyes peeled on the tube!

In conclusion, a fantastic brand with an inspiring background, I was very impressed on how well it removed all the dirt and grime which was building up during the day. My skin was left brighter and near enough flawless. If you haven’t tried Pond’s Institute before than I would urge you to hit your nearest Superdrug and grab yourself a pot of the multi-use cult cold cream!

Why not use Pond’s Institute Cold Cream as a moisturising mask…