Introducing Sail And Hunter: The Excitable Relaunch Of My Brand (PLUS A Little Word From Sail And Hunter Designer + Illustrator Anna Brown)

Sail And Hunter Compass Design By Anna Brown.

Sail And Hunter Compass Design By Anna Brown.

Christmas is just around the corner and I cannot tell you enough what a year it has been for me, I’ve made some big decisions this year that have influence the way I see and appreciate life as a whole. I welcome you all to my new journey as Sail and Hunter.

When people say “how you should never give up on your dreams” is something I found irritating when getting lectured about the mysteries and magical wonders of life. I felt people used to tell this quote as a ‘pick me up’ for gloomy, unhappy people who needed a little positivity in their life’s (like myself). Dreams can turn into a reality at the right moment in life, you just need patience. 

In June, my long wishful dream came into a reality when I went under the knife by Dr. S Varma and had an Apronectomy (tummy tuck) at Leicester Spire Hospital. This was to remove excess skin around my abdominal from extreme weight loss. Dealing with something so upsetting that makes you feel almost non-human isn’t the way to live a happy, fulfilling life. You can read my full story here.

Since the operation, my mind has completely changed the way I look at food and nutrition in general, why erase the hard work you put into and go back to the beginning? In reality for me, this wasn’t a choice, the surgery gave me a wake up call that I needed. The moral of the story is we live and learn from our mistakes, life is one big obstacle course that never ends, if nothing was a challenge then life would be boring, right? 

Hiring a personal trainer is quite possibly the best ever decision I made. A positive mindset is the first step to success if your really wanting to make a life change. Once you have full control, the rest is a walk in the park – quite literally. I haven’t always had the best personal trainers, it’s finding one that suits you and understands you as a person, not just someone who sees you as a dollar sign.

Why the rebranding? I felt the time was right for a change and this year has opened many doors that gave me ideas I’d like to discuss with current viewers and potential newcomers. The name and rebranding was an important part for me to alter and change, it needed to stand out from the crowd and have a more ‘brand’ vibe that people could look at and instantly take a liking. I have so many brilliant ideas that will make Sail And Hunter a success. I cannot wait to start implementing those ideas for the world to see.


Anna Brown, the lady behind my new logo/branding had a challenge on her hands but as you can see from the design, Anna has created a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. In her own words, Anna explained on how this work of art design came to life.

“It’s great to be hearing so much positivity about the Sail & Hunter logo already. The ideas behind it stem from masculine hobbies and fashion. It’s exciting to work on branding for an area of the market that you don’t see very often online. The concept of Sail & Hunter needed to be classic, timeless and above all trend forward. 
Following these guidelines and the brief, I had quite a loose freedom with the ability to be creative. It was a challenge to incorporate some elements which I personally thought was a must. The slogan “Nil intentatum reliquit” which means “He left nothing attempted’ was too good not to use! From here with these concepts of hobbies (sailing and hunting) which is represented by a stag and a ship I was able to work this into a rounded shape which gives a feel of a compass, that vintage/classic look. It also allowed me to wrap around that long slogan around the edge without imposing too much on the main image. The overall outcome really worked and I was excited to work on such a challenge for the branding of Sail & Hunter.