The Créme De La Mer Challenge

One month ago, I decided to ONLY use Créme De La Mer on my face; I named this ‘The Créme De La Mer Challenge’. I’ve always wanted to find out one of the most talked about beauty product really does work by transforming the skin from the powers of the sea or is it in fact just one big hype and a complete waste of hard-earned money?

The results are finally in…

I am sure many of you know how Créme De La Mer began? Well if not I would be very surprised by all the press this beauty cream has had over the years. It all started when a NASA Aerospace Physicist Dr. Max Huber suffered horrific chemical burns from a laboratory accident…after 12 whole years and 6,000 experiments, he created the ‘nutrient-rich miracle broth’, a concoction of special seaweed which is only harvested twice a year, I could go onto you about the story and bore you but let’s get straight to the point…

I started using it for 1 month, every morning and evening after cleansing my skin with Crème De La Mer The Cleansing Lotion…

From first use: I didn’t notice any change, I was mainly concentrating on applying the crème correctly.

Then I was told to gently press the product with my fingertips onto the skin.

Week 1: I began noticing a healthy glow to my skin

Week 2: Skin started to appear brighter and more radiant.

Week 3: My skin had a noticeable improvement in hydration, softness and a reduction in redness.

Week 4: Old scars from acne started to lighten, skin looked firmer and continued to have that healthy glow from week 1

Overall, Créme De La Mer may use very dated ingredients such as oils from eucalyptus, sunflower, vitamins and minerals and I certainly wouldn’t call it a ‘miracle worker’ as some make it out to be, but I have found out from my 1 month challenge that this luxurious pot of créme does work, but the results didn’t show a spectacular transformation, or lived up to the company’s beliefs.

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Have you ever tried Créme De La Mer? If yes, then I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions by leaving me a comment!