Tropic Face Smooth Polish Review

Tropic Face Smooth Polish: Delightfully scented, packed with acai berries and alpha hydroxy acids simulates skin cells to brighten uneven skin tone while organic rice flour treats active blemishes.

Tropic Face Smooth Polish Review.You can’t beat a decent exfoliator, especially when we are now hitting the cold weather, skin begins to lack in moisture and the moisturisers we were using in the summer time just don’t quite do the job anymore at hydrating our skin. Exfoliation is the key in winter time – as skin tends to become drier in this season, we layer up heavier creams to reduce dryness, but then you have another job on hands as dry skin = dead skin cells.

Tropic have created this deliciously smelling face polish. Now what’s special about this is that it cleanses, exfoliates, tones and even moisturises all-in-one!

Using only the finest natural array of distilled essential oils, the Tropic Face Smooth Polish contains; Acai Berry – Brightens, Organic Rice Flour – known for it’s soothing and calming properties while reducing Redness and Pore Size. Sugar Cane – Which naturally contains AHA gentle exfoliates the skin promoting a healthy glow, Sweet Almond Oil – helps skin elasticity, Vitamin E – We all know that this vitamin is vital for our bodies but this wonder ingredient also fights free radicals and oxidation, Camomile – A widely used anti-inflammatory, Golden Jojoba – This comforting liquid-like wax deeply cleanses clogged pores and finally Sweet Orange and Lemon act as an antiseptic.

As I applied this mouth-watering the Tropic Face Smooth Polish onto my skin with the wooden spatula provided. I could definitely feel the difference that I was using a natural product, the texture was unbelievably new to me! I gently messaged in upwards circular motions as directed for 2 minutes onto wet skin, the sugar cane was non-abrasive and slowly dissolved resulting in lovingly soft dewy skin.

A definite one to look out for once your current exfoliator is coming to an end, I can imagine the Tropic Face Smooth Polish lasting a good few months too! I was very impressed on how well it performed, bare in mind that this is not a ‘quickest’ way to exfoliate so time is important when using this.

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